• Erika Ekeli

Autumn, waits for no one.

Hello World!

I hope everyone is staying safe in these weird times. Things have been hectic for sure - I am currrently in my Saturn Return, and Saturn is in my 10th house - which means I am learning so much from this Aquarian planetary return. A lot has changed, as the world has been turning so too have I, as I settle into my 28th solar roation coming in October. I have much to think about, I currently am working another full tinme job ontop of BLACK SOLV - which is still in the industry. It's incredible how much has changed in the past few years and where my creaft has taken me, and the people I have met along the way.

I am embarking on a journey to give BLACK SOLV a breath of fresh air with a branding make over, as I have changed so has my brand & expression. I love how as we age we become more our selves in every wrinkle, laugh line, age mark, pop & crack of colour. The beauty of how we come into ourselves with every year makes me feel hopeful. I have started a transition to new branding on the website, however I will continue to use the old cards till they run out. As well the changes made to how we ship items has been updated everything will be shipped out VIA CHIT CHATS or if you are in Australia then it will be sent via Canada Post.

I am getting excited to soft launch my APOTHECARY small batch line soon, with a body salve, bath salts & soap bars. I am also moving towards the small offering of scarves again as we get into fall as they were so well recieved the first time around.

Excited to let you know about all the exciting things coming soon.

Also, join our mailing list for the mega clear out sale discount code that will be happening on my birthday October 6th/21.

All my love,

The Studio Gremlin


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