• Erika Ekeli

Life so far.

Things have been so crazy 2020, which is an understatement, and now 2021 there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope everyone has been staying safe & taking care of themselves as much as possible. In the beginning of the pandemic I had to make the tough call to liquidate my studio, along with a slew of personal things happen that made me think I would be leaving the Jewellery world all together for good, however fast forward to 2021 I am in a new apartment with a new home studio in a new chapter of life and I am so grateful for every day that I get to spend creating & engaging in this incredible community of makers & artists. I have also crushed a lot of my own goals I had set for myself over the past few years of being in several media productions such as Riverdale, Charmed, Altered Carbon, Amazon Prime's UPLOAD as well as being on the new Netflix series Snowpeircer. It has been an increwdible few years since I graduated from the VCC Jewellery & Arts program in 2016, I have learned so much about myself as well as my craft in the past few years. I have been setting goals for myself for the year 2021 where I hope to expand BLACK SØLV into slow and thoughtful curated Vintage clothing, as well as home items, apothecary & thoughtful antiques. My passion for sustainability & justice only grows more and more as time passes, I want to be a part of the revolution of unapologetic love & a better future for generations to come. Thanks for catching up, and hope we can all chat again soon.

All my love,

The Studio Gremlin.

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